Haer Talib

haer talib

Hi! My name is Haer Talib, from Jakarta, Indonesia.

I am an Access Programmer and also a writer. I use Access as a tool in making application programs, and MS SQL Server as a database system (besides Access database). Therefore, I write a lot about Access, both in the form of articles and books.

Microsoft has awarded me as Access MVP from Indonesia for 9 times (2006-2014).

I had a career as a programmer for more than 20 years, with various titles in several companies, until I founded my own company to serve the development of custom applications.

I have made many applications, according to the needs of the office where I work, and according to the requests of my company’s clients.

These applications include: Estimating System and Budget and Cost Plan (for contractor company), Ticketing, Point of Sales (for agrotourism park), Project Control System (for telecommunications company), HSE Management System (for toll road project), ERP/MRP, PPIC System, Payroll (for manufacturing company), and many others.

I almost always use Access to create client applications, because Access makes the job of building applications easy and fast (See also my other reasons here).

Now, I’m writing more books on how to build applications with Access, provide Access training, and become a consultant in building database applications using Access.

I can help you, wherever you are, in building a database application using Access. You need my experience and knowledge so that the application you want can be made easily and quickly, the right way!

Please contact me now, via WhatsApp chat (+62-822-6001-7525) or email: haertalib@gmail.com.

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