Want to create an application program for certain needs? I can help. I am a professional programmer, especially using Microsoft Access. I can make small applications for you at a very low cost but with quality.

With a lot of experience in making applications for expatriates, I can also help you. Applications can be run multiuser in a LAN, or if you prefer, applications can be accessed online using a Web browser.

In short, I am:

For more detailed information, please look at

Don’t hesitate to contact me, anytime, via WhatsApp to: 0822-6001-7525 or via email to: for inquiries/consultation.

If you want to develop the required application yourself (in-house development), I can help too! I will come to your office and develop the application under your assistance.

If you want to see examples of applications I’ve made, please go to or . Maybe some of the applications meet your needs, some of which you can download and use right away (or click here to see the list).

You are not in Jakarta? No need to worry. I can work on the application you requested remotely, and we can communicate via chat instantly. I can even install applications on your computer remotely.

Please contact me now, via WA to: 0822-6001-7525 or via email to: .

Or see my complete profile at

Thank you!

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