Why I Choose Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access

As a programmer, of course I have tried various programming tools, and I finally chose Access as my flagship tool.

I have produced many applications using Access, both for the needs of the office where I work, client requests, and applications that I sell on the Internet as shareware or freemium software. I am proud to be able to realize my dream application with Access.

But there are also people who rate Access less favorably, and I understand their assessment. In the following, I try to explain why I still choose Access, by answering people’s objections to Access.

Access only runs on Windows operating systems.

So what? Windows is the most widely used operating system, so it doesn’t matter if we make Windows-based applications.

Access applications require Access software to run.

Yes, but we can use the free Access Runtime if you don’t want to buy Access. We can even provide both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Access applications together.

The Access application cannot go online.

Wrong! An online application doesn’t have to be a web application. Access applications can use the Internet to access data that is on a server somewhere, and can even take advantage of MySQL or SQL Server databases that are on the Internet. So, Access applications can still be online via the Internet, can be run anywhere and anytime.

The Access application cannot be run on a mobile phone.

Yes. Access apps are used for work, where it takes a lot of screen space and displays a lot of data at once. How do you work with mobile phones? You certainly need a laptop or desktop more to work.

Access vulnerable in security.

Access applications are used in our own environment, not exposed to public environments. Of course this is safer than web applications that can be accessed by anyone in this world. In addition, this security issue is very relative. What database system are you comparing it to? Does your database require a very high level of security?

Access can only handle small databases.

Access database files are limited to 2 GB per file, is your database very large? If so, you can use a database server system such as SQL Server and the application still uses Access.

Access applications are easily corrupted.

Easy! Replace the application with a good one, because the data is not stored in the application file.

From here, what else do you mind using Access?

With Access, we can actually enjoy the ease of making applications, so we can work more quickly to produce the applications we need. Access applications are also very easy to modify and extend, adapting to changes that are always happening.

Another thing that we can enjoy is that the Access application is very feature-rich, typical of Microsoft products that are very familiar to users.

That’s the reason I chose Access as a tool in making applications. Of course this is debatable, especially for those who don’t know and don’t use Access. If you want to see examples of applications made with Access, please browse the applications I made at Software.web.id.

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